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[Waste rubber recycling equipment] Waste rubber is listed in the National Strategic Emerging Industry Key Products and Services Guidance Catalogue


1. Resource recycling

Waste rubber and waste plastics are harmlessly recycled. Including waste tires at room temperature and normal pressure continuous reclaimed rubber technology and complete sets of equipment, waste plastic composite materials recycling equipment, waste tire rubber powder modified asphalt equipment, waste tire whole tire dicing crusher, waste rubber recycling equipment, waste Tire decomposing oil and carbon black device, paper plastic aluminum separation, rubber and plastic separation and synthesis, deep cleaning, regenerative granulation, inorganic modified polymer recycling and utilization and its device.

2. Resource recycling service

Circular economy (recycling of resources) project planning and programming, project investment and risk assessment, engineering design and construction, facility operation and maintenance, environmental safety assessment and investigation, resource economic output rate evaluation services for circular economy projects, resource recycling technology Consulting and benefit evaluation, product certification assessment services, circular economy resource transactions and assurance services.

3. Air pollution control equipment

Dust removal technology equipment. Including dust electrocoagulation and technical equipment, flue gas quenching and tempering technology equipment, electric dust removal high frequency high voltage rectification equipment, photocatalyst components, fine particle removal technology equipment, tube bundle dust removal technology equipment, high temperature long bag pulse bag type dust removal equipment, moving plate Electrostatic dust removal equipment, wet electrostatic precipitator, low temperature electrostatic precipitator, electric bag composite dust collector, electric bag hybrid dust collector (embedded electric bag composite dust collector), ultra-clean emission technology of power plant and industrial coal-fired kiln Equipment, mobile pollution source pollutant emission reduction technology equipment, dust heavy pollution sites and industry dust suppression technology.

Other gas processing equipment. Including large-flow plasma organic waste gas treatment equipment, volatile organic pollutants new adsorption recovery technology and equipment, volatile organic pollutants, new optimized catalytic combustion and heat recovery equipment, gas boiler NOx emission control technology and equipment, multi-pollutants Synergistic control technology equipment, pollutant removal and resource utilization integrated technical equipment, oil depot and gas station oil and gas recovery equipment, acid gas treatment sulfur recovery equipment, civil indoor air purifier.

The announcement pointed out that strategic emerging industries represent a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the direction of industrial transformation, which is a key area for cultivating new kinetic energy and gaining new competitive advantages in the future. In the past two years, a number of new technologies, new products, new formats and new models have emerged in strategic emerging industries.

In order to better guide all departments and localities to carry out strategic emerging industry-related work, further guide the investment of social resources, and play a leading role in strategic emerging industries to transform and upgrade economic growth and promote high-quality development. The Joint Meeting Office is now open to seek amendments.

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