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Application of tire rubber powder for tire crushing equipment


Tire crushing equipment (rubber crusher) - use of tire rubber powder

Field of use

l, fitness sports venues: sports grounds, university sports venues, swimming pools and flower gardens, bowling alleys, crosswalks, kindergarten fitness and sports venues and entertainment platforms, badminton and basketball courts.

2. Automotive industry: belts, train floor mats, brake discs, car and truck floors, brake linings, sealing strips, bumpers, shock absorbers, automotive underbody seals and stainless steel, splash and dust resistant , marine and peacetime materials, tires and tire linings.

3. Construction / equipment: adhesives / sealants, hospitals, companies, bathroom floors, insulating rubber, carpet mats, livestock mats, kneading goods, waste brake appearance, mold goods, paint, ponds, warehouses, ponds , waste treatment stations, brick roof liners and coverings, raised spotted floors, house signs, plates, waterproof materials, shockproof, gaskets, roofing and wall waterproofing materials.

4. Use of soil/asphalt: drain pipes, rubberized asphalt for paving roads and driveways, filters, soil conditioning/road coverings, porous flushing pipes, race tracks, railway crossings, traffic/sidewalk guardrails, railway crack joints Sealant, road construction and repair of marine and peacetime materials

1. Producing recycled rubber: used to produce all kinds of rubber products.

2. Other uses: Production of activated carbon for the production of paints, paints and adhesives. Glue particle size and application contact

8~20 purpose: mainly used for runway, track pad, planking, lawn, pavement elastic layer, sports pavement and so on.

30 ~ 40 mesh: mainly used in the production of recycled rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, production of rubber sheets.

40~60 mesh: it is called fine rubber powder, used for rubber rubber filling, plastic modification, etc.

65~90 mesh: It is called hardware mechanical rubber powder, mainly used in car tires, rubber and plastic products, construction materials, etc.

90 ~ 150 mesh: called fine rubber powder, mainly used in rubber and plastic products, military goods.

Waste rubber recycling equipment, waste rubber, pyrolysis fuel oil cracking equipment

[Energy-saving rubber and plastic mill] The State Council passed the "People's Republic of China Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law (Revised Draft)"