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Waste rubber recycling equipment, waste rubber, pyrolysis fuel oil cracking equipment


Summary of decomposition equipment in waste rubber recycling:

Based on pyrolysis equipment for extracting fuel oil from scrap rubber, waste tires, waste plastics, waste sludge, etc., the newly introduced waste solid waste liquid is generally online combined, the waste utilization rate is high, the discharge reaches the national standard, and the oil product is close to the national standard. It can be used for heating and burning.

The waste is continuously fed into the thermal decomposition reactor through a conveyor belt, and a low-temperature thermal decomposition reaction is carried out in the reactor to obtain high-temperature oil and gas, water vapor, and a solid product. After the high-temperature oil and gas and water vapor are cooled, liquid products and a small amount of flammable gas are obtained, and the liquid product is transported to the storage tank area by the infusion pump, and the combustible gas is purified and used as a fuel for thermal decomposition and heating, and the production line The smoke generated above is purified by the flue gas purification system and reaches the discharge. The solid product obtained by pyrolysis is cooled to a safe temperature and then sent to a solid product storage tank for temporary storage.

Waste rubber recycling equipment is a waste-free, continuous decomposition equipment, using continuous decomposition dynamic sealing technology and flow material detection technology, which can improve the efficiency of waste innocuous treatment and the added value of thermal decomposition products. Decomposition furnace, supply system, heating system, exhaust gas recovery and reuse system and dust removal system.

Advantages of cracking equipment in waste rubber recycling:

1. The internal system of the equipment system operates under normal pressure to prevent gas leakage and environmental protection.

2. Cracking machine equipment vertical drive rotation design, application of equipment and heat more uniform, longer service life;

3. Unique process technology, reasonable removal of corrosive vapors, reduction of equipment erosion and environmental pollution;

11. The unique value of the machine equipment export value prevents clogging and is more secure;

5. The innovative internal structure of the multi-stage separator device can effectively separate the generated gas from the entrained colloid, reducing the possibility of blockage of the corrosion system of the equipment system;

6. Fully automatic feeding and slagging system software, reducing the time of feeding and feeding, saving human capital, reducing cost and improving productivity;

7. The new countercurrent wet dust removal process makes the exhaust gas dust treatment completely meet the national standard;

8. The new condensing system solves the problem that the condensing pipe is easy to block;

0. The new upgraded design, the machine is more refined, the floor space is less and less, the oil density is higher, the environment is more environmentally friendly, and the safety is more secure.

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