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Fine rubber powder production and environmental impact assessment using rubber and plastic mill


The raw materials needed to produce fine rubber powders are milled from various vulcanized and formed rubber products and rubber and plastic mills. Molded rubber products have strong elasticity, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, water resistance and good insulation. Like the tires used in transportation, rubber shoes and warm water bottles used in life are made of rubber. Rubber is a multi-component system, and the composition of the rubber formulation includes raw rubber, synthetic rubber, fillers, and various compounding agents. The processing of fine rubber powder is a complex physical and chemical process. After strict production technology, according to the national mandatory standards, the fine rubber powder products meet the national environmental safety use range.

At present, the raw materials of the fine rubber powder we produce and process are all the tire rubber products that meet the requirements of the national standard, the materials of the feet of the tendon soles and other life rubber products, etc., and select the fine rubber powder which is made of high-quality raw materials to remove impurities and crushed. It is mainly used for coils and coatings for road modification history blue and building waterproof materials.

After the processing and vulcanization of the rubber raw materials, the physical and chemical properties have undergone certain changes, making the products more suitable for the environment and safer.

1. Basic structure and performance of fine rubber powder

1.1 Fine rubber powder molecules have a molecular structure unique to elastomers. The molecules are combined by chemical bridging or physical to form a three-dimensional network structure. The molecular structure chain of the chain structure enhances heat resistance, temperature resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance, non-toxicity, and strong adaptability under different natural environment standards.

1.2 Stress and strain properties of fine rubber powder. The fine rubber powder exhibits a high tensile strength when fully stretched, thereby improving the damage of the rubber product against external force. As the temperature rises, the in-situ stress of the vulcanized rubber will expand exponentially, and the heat-resistant stability is also a considerable increase.

1.3 Fine rubber powder has good gas permeability (air tightness). It has been fully applied in terms of water conservancy.

1.4 The flammability of fine rubber powder. Most rubbers have varying degrees of flammability. Therefore, a halogen-free flame retardant is added to the plastic granules to increase the flame retardant rating.

2, analysis of fine rubber powder materials

There are many kinds of rubbers included in the tire rubber products that meet the requirements of the national standard, the foot materials on the sole side of the tendon, and other domestic rubber products. The analysis and consultation with the raw material supplier yields styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) and Ding. Nitrile rubber ( NBR ) ethylene propylene rubber ( EPDM ) butadiene rubber ( br )

3. The impact of fine rubber powder products on the environment

With the development trend of vulcanized rubber industrial production and automobile industry in China, many waste tires, rubber and plastic products and corner scraps continue to increase. Because vulcanized rubber is not easy to rot, it has become an incalculable result of waste rubber and plastic products, and it has become a clean and hygienic ecological crisis, and it is becoming more and more serious. With the development trend of scientific and technological progress, the production, application and marketing promotion of fine rubber powder using waste rubber processing has been accepted by many application manufacturers.

4. Use and prospects of fine rubber powder:

3.1. The fine rubber powder made of waste tires can be used to manufacture invisible aircraft and other materials. Because the fine rubber powder has the function of digesting and absorbing radar detection waves, it is a valuable and cheap raw material.

4.2. In addition, spraying fine rubber powder on the chassis of cars, cars, racing cars, off-road vehicles, etc., can greatly enhance the elasticity, shaking, noise, and play an immeasurable role in protecting the life of the car, improving comfort and protecting human health. The role. This is the two major applications in special industries and hot industries.

3.2. The production of concrete which is very popular in the construction industry can add fine rubber powder which must be proportioned, and has the practical effect of improving the ductility. However, the simple addition of fine rubber powder is not enough, and the hardness of the concrete is also reached. Not on the regulations, some soft, plus magnesium adhesive can only solve the difficulties, used in tunnel construction, bridge construction, moisture and leakage prevention and other aspects is very ideal, which must be technical engineers and professional technical basis, independent testing Secret recipe.

5. Environmental analysis

According to the characteristics of the new fine rubber powder project, when the natural environment profit and loss analysis is carried out, the key considerations are the damage caused by the green ecological environment hazard, water and air pollution, environmental pollution and noise hazard. The following is a brief description of the damages and losses of the hazard. Anatomy.

5.1. Analysis of water environment profit and loss

The wastewater discharged from the fine rubber powder project is domestic sewage. After the buried comprehensive wastewater treatment facilities reach the standard, they are discharged into nearby channels for agricultural irrigation.

5.2, economic pollution of air pollution

Fine rubber powder new project The fine particles caused by the whole process of waste tire re-engineering enter the ventilation duct according to the gas collecting hood and the centrifugal fan, and then discharge to the high exhaust pipe of 16 meters high according to the bag filter. Because the bag filter is clean and efficient, the machine is simple, and the investment is small, it has good economic benefits.

5.3. Noise affects economic loss

The fine noise of the new rubber powder machine equipment is solved by noise reduction and noise reduction, and the aluminum alloy doors and windows are greatly reduced after noise reduction. The environmental damage caused by the isolation of surrounding walls and flowers and trees is not obvious: so the new project The basic environmental construction caused little damage to the acoustic environment, but it must be invested in the basic construction costs of landscaping, noise reduction and noise reduction. Only in terms of relative economic benefits, the capital investment is indispensable and insignificant. .

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