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Nantong energy-saving rubber and plastic mill has a considerable market prospect


Looking for rubber and plastic mill manufacturers is an experienced and powerful manufacturer. It has become a treasure house of waste tires in China. It has achieved gratifying results in comprehensive recycling. Many domestic enterprises have made great contributions to waste tire recycling equipment. A small workshop.

With the large price increase of new rubber powder in the world, the development prospect of recycled rubber powder is wider, and the use of waste vulcanized rubber is in a tight trend.

Trustworthy rubber mill manufacturer

The rubber and plastic grinding machine is mainly used to process and grind rubber powder and rubber pellets from scrap tires, waste rubber products and rubber products, and to obtain huge environmental protection and economic effects. The black pollution caused by waste tires "Threasing people's living space. Today, this problem is expected to be satisfactorily resolved. After many years of scientific and technological research, Heying Machinery has successfully developed and designed the mechanical equipment for the production of fine rubber powder from waste tires (vulcanized rubber). The micro-powder production line at normal temperature has been certified by the National Petrochemical Bureau and industrialized production has been successful. After 72 hours of on-site testing and strict review by experts, it is believed that the production line has reached the advanced level of the same industry in China. The generator set not only has the characteristics of coarse material feeding, fine feeding, uniform particle size distribution, faster, high level of automation technology, light weight of machine equipment, convenient use, no dust, etc., and the use of distinctive new technology applications has been reduced. Energy consumption, temperature and noise. The practical application shows that the device is suitable for the production of fine rubber powder for different purposes, especially the 80-120 mesh fine rubber powder produced by the waste tire tread rubber. It has the advantages of low impurity content, high rubber content and high tensile strength. According to the detailed introduction of professionals, this technical not only has significant social and economic benefits, but also has great economic benefits. The fine rubber powder of high mesh mesh is used in the production of tires, rubber and plastic products, waterproof materials, architectural coatings, pavement bitumen and concrete, and its industry prospects are relatively rich.

Incorporate waste tire crushing equipment into recycling resources

Fine rubber powder production and environmental impact assessment using rubber and plastic mill