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Incorporate waste tire crushing equipment into recycling resources


At present, China's automobile sales volume is 100 million, and the number of motor vehicles is 225 million. In the next few years, the amount of possession will increase substantially. Together, about 20% of carbon dioxide emissions come from road transport. As a result, the level of wrecking vehicles has been continuously improved. Everyone expects the car to be more economically developed and environmentally friendly, with a combination of safety factor and comfort. Shichang Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will include waste tires in key areas of recycling and recycling of used materials.

The machinery and equipment for tire crushing equipment manufactured by Shichang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which cover eight machines and equipments, will let you introduce them in detail below! (Slipping machine) Used to cut the side wall of the steel tire for the next split. (Slipping machine) The steel tire removed by the ring cutter can be cut into strips and the strip width can be adjusted. (Slipping machine) The tire belt cut by the slitter can be cut into pieces, and then the tire belt can be broken into soy-sized particles by the crusher. After the product enters the magnetic separator to purify powder, granules, small pieces of material or iron, it can be bagged and then enter the double water cooling cycle to reach the mesh. It requires more than 100 square meters of factory buildings. 2 - 3 employees, working capital of 1-2 million yuan, show small equipment, technical documents, study and training of actual operation staff, send people to install and adjust, immediately produce and produce qualified goods.

Our company will recycle the use of standard used tires, accelerate the development of technical products for the development and utilization of waste tires, upgrade the industrial structure, upgrade the rate of old tires, encourage the production of asphalt concrete for the production of rubber powder, and promote the production of energy-saving reclaimed rubber. The process of improving the level of harmless treatment and application of scientific research highlights the necessity of “manufacturing and application of energy-saving reclaimed rubber”. This work has also become a low-carbon environmental protection industry in China. The overall goal of Shichang Enterprise has always been diligently leapfrogging.

Rubber crushing equipment is the original equipment for waste processing

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