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Rubber crushing equipment turns waste tires into treasure


The comprehensive utilization of waste tire rubber has always been advocated by the state and is also the development direction of industrial enterprises. However, due to China's import restrictions, insufficient supply of used tires and other factors, the comprehensive utilization scale of China's waste tire rubber industry has not been able to develop, and has been limited. This requires enterprises in the scrap tire rubber industry to seek solutions to problems in the development of the industry and enterprises in comprehensive utilization, and promote the further development of enterprises and industries.

In the comprehensive utilization of waste tire rubber, turning waste into treasure has been promoted and has become the focus of attention in the industry. In the whole process of waste rubber tire waste utilization, rubber crushing equipment is the fourth essential industrial equipment. The rubber crusher crushes and grinds waste resources, so that it can be used again to ensure the real use of waste.

There has been no particularly good and effective way to effectively dispose of used tires, and some methods of treating used tires have continued to emerge. People began to use waste tires to manufacture pelletized runway equipment, which also promoted the further development of China's recycled rubber industry. China's rubber powder production technology also has a place in the world. Many of its technologies and levels have reached international standards. Rubber machinery saw this development opportunity. We began to invest in a series of new machines such as rubber crushers, waste rubber recycling equipment, rubber and plastics mills, and tire powder production lines to promote the comprehensive utilization of waste tire rubber.

The invention not only solves the problem of rubber treatment of waste tires, but also solves the problems of environmental protection and recycling. The rubber particles and rubber powder produced by the invention have low cost and wide application. The most important thing is that environmental protection plays an important role in the effective treatment and utilization of waste tire rubber. Therefore, the great role of the rubber breaker can be seen.

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Rubber crushing equipment is the original equipment for waste processing