What are the application fields of waste tire rubber powder production line?


The market for used tire rubber powder production lines is quite large, and different rubbers have different applications. For example, the following uses are too many:

Application field of waste tire rubber powder

◆ 5-10 mesh: runway, school playground, garden trail, bowling alley, sidewalk, composite rubber floor tiles, anti-static floor tiles, artificial turf, playground, artificial grass soccer field, kindergarten sports venue and casino tennis and basketball court .

◆ 10-20 mesh: rubber floor tiles, plastic track, lawn quartz sand, cottonseed granules, tennis courts, volleyball courts, golf courses, airports, basketball courts and leisure and entertainment venues, EPDM safety mats, gym mats, Class court mats.

◆ 30 mesh: insulating rubber material, waterproof material, shockproof, gasket, waterproofing membrane for roof and wall, modified asphalt additive, reclaimed rubber, livestock mat, fender, multi-functional mat, horse shed mat.

◆ 40 mesh: reclaimed rubber, waterproofing membrane, modified asphalt additive, carpet liner, sleeper, rubber sheet, livestock mat, rubber waterstop, gate waterstop, support, sealing strip, bumper, brake Bushings, drains, gloves, rubber bands, elastic bands, roof signs, brick roof liners, sanitary pumps, corner glues, wheels, sand pump pads, fenders, multi-functional mats, horse shed mats, flame retardant Rubber products such as materials, sound insulation materials, rubber and plastic bottoms, window sealing strips and agricultural rubber (milk) rubber products.

◆ 60 mesh: sleepers, rubber sheets, waterproof coils, reclaimed rubber, tire inner mats, automobile body bottom seals, waterproof rings, rubber miscellaneous pieces and rubber products made of virgin rubber.

◆ 80 mesh: modified asphalt additive, reclaimed rubber, waterproof coil, tire additive, sleeper, deceleration road arch, sealing strip, bumper, styrofoam, pearl cotton pad, rubber piston, brake bushing and other rubber products .

◆ 100 mesh: car bias tire auxiliary materials, special packing for shoes, sports equipment tires.

◆ 120 mesh: Insulation material plastic pipe additive, automobile bias tire auxiliary material, automobile refurbished outer pad, special packing for shoe making, chemical sealant, various rubber infiltration agent.

◆ 200 mesh: building materials coating, automobile tires, substitute raw rubber to make all kinds of rubber products.

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