The recycling and recycling of used tire processing equipment is difficult but the market is broad


According to experts, the main reason for refining is waste tires, that is, tires that cannot be used or refurbished. They are mainly used to produce recycled rubber, rubber powder, and pyrolysis oil. Although most of the domestic waste tire processing equipment has been worn out, it can be refurbished and reused. According to the experience of domestic and foreign use, the use of qualified retreaded tires produced by regular enterprises, and the use of waste tires in China urgently need to develop relevant standards and strict supervision. To regulate and promote. At present, the use of waste tire waste rubber is inefficient, and China has more "disposable" tires. Recently, in the refinery of the same tire recycling enterprise, workers put large and small waste tires into giant round cans. After heating for a period of time, the faucet at the end of the pipe will flow out of the yellow rubber oil. Regular manufacturers generally sell rough-processed "rubber oil" to power plants for fuel. Waste tires can also extract gasoline and diesel.

There is no difference in new tires. The probability of puncture is smaller than that of new tires. At present, the utilization level of used tires in China is relatively low, especially the rate of renovation of used tires is low. In the renovation of old tires, the EU has reached 100%, and the United States has 95%. And China is only 15%. European and American countries stipulate that new tires of automobiles must be refurbished, and some can reach three refurbishment standards; while the tires produced in China can be refurbished very rarely, almost like "disposable chopsticks". This caused a great waste.

At this stage, China lacks mandatory technical quality standards for the renewability of new tires. In order to save costs, some tire companies do not consider tire retreading in the design, resulting in tire wear and poor overall strength. At the same time, there is no mandatory wear limit detection requirement for the use of tires, and consumers also lack the awareness of tire maintenance, resulting in less than 5% of "turnable tires". The poor quality of some tire retreading companies has seriously affected the reputation of retreaded tires. The tires produced by the small workshops will not only leak, burst, or even burn. After the puncture accident of some coaches, there are more restrictions on the use of retreaded tires.

Experts believe that the use of misfit is equivalent to throwing away tens of millions of tons of oil every year, and the waste of resources is enormous. At present, there are irregularities in the recycling of used tires. It is learned that there are about 2,500 enterprises that recycle used tires in China, mostly small enterprises and small workshops. At the same time, a large number of waste tires were used for "earth refinery." According to reports, some small workshops often sell such "roughing oil" to the gas station. If this oil is incorporated into normal gasoline, the nozzle will become clogged and the engine of the car will be damaged.

Waste tires use the expectation to set standards to improve supporting measures. Relevant experts also recommend that manufacturers should be required to produce refurbished tires with wear marks. Refurbished enterprises need laser inspection machines and other equipment, use qualified rubber materials, and Each tire is refurbished with a refurbished logo, inquiries, etc., and is responsible for each retreaded tire.

Old tires can be refurbished and reused. Waste tires can be used to refine gasoline and diesel, and rubber can be produced. Therefore, the market prospect is very broad. It is necessary to increase the recycling of waste tire processing equipment and encourage the development of related enterprises because of the great development prospects. Therefore, it is also necessary to encourage related rubber and old tire recycling enterprises to improve production and utilization technologies, encourage innovation, and increase investment in technology.

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